Mr. Lorenz: The Person Behind the Professor

Photo Courtesy Akash Kataruka

Photo Courtesy Akash Kataruka

Believe it or not, teachers are humans too. Though that seems completely outlandish, it is the truth; our teachers have lives outside of educating and grading day in and day out.

Students roam the hallways at CB South chattering about what they are doing this weekend, how hard the chemistry test was last block, and the sport scores from the night prior. But what do teachers talk about during their lunch or plan period?

Mr. Lorenz, a math teacher at CB South, talks mostly about education with his fellow pod teachers. “Discussions about family life and students sometimes come up during lunch, but we almost always talk about education in some way,” said Mr. Lorenz.

At one time or another, each student at CB South has fallen victim to procrastination. Essays “due tomorrow” that students decided to “do tomorrow,” tests they didn’t put enough effort into studying, the list goes on and on. Though they are more professional than students, would it surprise you if teachers also procrastinated sometimes as well?

“I’ve sometimes procrastinated on grading but usually pride myself in planning ahead,” said Ms. Trish Benz, a retired teacher who taught in Philadelphia. Of course teachers are susceptible to procrastination, but teachers such as Lorenz and Benz, feel as if the job requires teachers to plan ahead. Lorenz believes planning ahead can “work to your benefit” and allow the teacher “to teach smoothly without feeling choppy or boring.”

After a long hard day at school, students go home, kick back, and relax a little bit before cracking open the first textbook for homework. After homework, we watch TV, go out with friends, and experience what the world calls “a social life.” Surprisingly, teachers aren’t confined to their classrooms around the clock and don’t have hidden blow up mattresses in their closets. They too have this “social life.”

Mr. Lorenz enjoys “coaching youth sports” since he is a huge sports guy and also likes to read. Students may not have known this prior about Lorenz, but this is proof that teachers do have lives outside of the daily job of teaching.

Social media and humans are becoming closer and closer by the minute. And we noted earlier, teachers are humans. But teachers and social media don’t really seem to mix, do they?

Teachers often aren’t allowed to have any social media interaction with students. “If I were a social media site, I’d be Instagram because I like taking pictures,” said Benz. Lorenz thought of himself as more of a Facebook kind of guy.

Teachers today are mixed in with a society filled with social outlets and technology. As for students, they couldn’t be happier as teachers can now distribute assignments, homework, and report grades via technology. No hassle. No frustration. No more missed assignments and late work.

It looks like after all, teachers are humans and do have lives outside of school. Students may be blind to the fact, but this has proved that there certainly is a person behind the professor.