Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Howard


Mrs. Howard Photo Courtesy Aaron Mcleod

A teacher known as Mrs. Howard is still going strong after being a teacher for nearly 25 years, and she plans on being a teacher for another 15 years.  She teaches Family Consumer Science, School Age Child Class, American Cuisine and Living Independently. Her goal here at CB South High School is to further improve the Family Consumer Science Department.

Mrs. Howard said that she wanted to be a teacher because she had awesome elementary teachers and wanted to help other kids learn and grow. Her future plans are to do more with student wellness at South, run her own T.V. cooking show, and to have private cooking classes.

“It is fabulous and a lot of hard work being a teacher,” Mrs. Howard said.

This attitude is very apparent in her teaching style. She stays positive by choosing to get up and feel happy rather than wake up every day and be miserable and complain. She feels that choosing to feel happy every day is the better way to do things. She also always tries not to let too many things bother her or upset her.

Mrs. Howard feels that it is very important for people to actually pay attention to what they are eating, meaning she wants everyone to pay attention to how healthy or unhealthy some foods are. Mrs. Howard feels that eating healthier foods is the correct way to eat.

Aside from teaching during school, Mrs. Howard is also very involved in South’s after school activities. She helps with both the “Restaurant Remix Cooking Club” and the “District Wellness Committee.” She also works for the Mindfulness Meditation and various other staff wellness programs.

In her free time, Mrs. Howard enjoys cooking, gardening, sewing and singing. She says that she sometimes sings with a band. She likes to go Tractor Tubing, bake cookies, and drink hot chocolate during winter break. She likes to garden and prune the fruit tree during spring break.

If you would like to ever meet Mrs. Howard, go ahead and stop by in room B205.