A Guide to CB South’s Parking Lot

Jason Chen, Editor-in-Chief

So, you have a parking spot. Congratulations and good luck! 

If you’re a senior, you’ve had plenty of experience here. As for juniors, you will deal with it soon. This place should really be where you take your license test instead of the DMV: The South parking lot. 

If you can successfully drive through the rear parking lot at 2:35 pm, then you can drive anywhere. Hurriedly and chaotically, students burst out of the school, jumping into their cars. Observably, I watch as students speed past each other, accidents simply waiting to happen.  

The school parking lot is no place to test your Vin Diesel skills. Being allowed to drive to school and have a parking spot is a privilege, one which school officials make very clear. At South, the parking lot is large enough to accommodate senior and junior drivers.  

West and East do not have this same privilege so don’t lose your privilege. 

It seems that once you enter the parking lot, all driving rules go out the window. Time and time again, I’ll see a student driving crazy through the lot and think to myself ‘How do they have a license?’ 

Fortunately, I have not been in any accident in the parking lot. But that’s not to say there were times I was frustrated with the driving. Here’s how to navigate this crazy parking lot: 


Wait it out!! 

It’s unnecessary to bolt out of the school to join the crowd of students rushing to their cars. You’ll hurt yourself running down the stairs, or someone else, before you even reach the actual parking lot. And once you do get to the parking lot, you have a good chance to be hit by a car zooming by.  

There are only two exits out of the parking lot: Pickertown or Folly Road. Regardless, you’ll be waiting in one of those two lines. And I suggest not leaving through the Bristol Road exit. 

Save yourself the energy and hassle. There is no event, job, or after school activity that requires you to zoom out of the parking lot. Patience! 


Be the Better Driver 

You didn’t wait six months to get your license for nothing. And you didn’t come to school early to get a spot for nothing. If you passed your license test, then you know how to drive.  

In this parking lot, your driving skills are put to the test every day. There is a lot of stopping and going and if you aren’t paying attention, you’ll hit the car in front of you.

Keep a safe following distance! 

Navigating the parking lot requires awareness. You need to know everything going on around your car: pedestrians trying to cross, cars speeding down the lanes, or cutting through spots.  

Even before you get in your car, think about which cars usually leave first, which cars speed away, and the general traffic pattern near your spot.

If your car backs up to the main line of cars, you might just need to be patient to get out.  


Think about the Costs 

What’s the point in getting out fast if you crash your car? If you crash into someone else, not only did you probably anger the other driver, but now you must pay for damage and insurance. The last thing your insurance company will want to hear is that you, a teenager, got into an accident.  

Think about what would happen after that. How would your parents react? Was it your parents’ car that was damaged?

Many cars I see in the parking lot are nice cars too, such as Jeeps, Hondas, and Toyotas. It would be a shame to see a nice car in an accident that could’ve been prevented.  


The parking lot shouldn’t be like a bumper car arena at an amusement park. Be safe and smart South!