The Need for National Guard on the Border

Olivia Sablich

Trump’s opinion about immigration and his suggestions to strengthen our boarder have been prominent since he started his presidential campaign. “Build the wall!” he yelled to crowds during his speeches.

He has seemed to act this time though, which is not much of a surprise because he appears to be a president who follows through with what he says he will do.

“Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military,” said President Trump. “That’s a big step. We really haven’t done that before, or certainly not very much before.”

This idea makes lots of sense, but considering that he must get this past California, a relatively liberal state, it might be a challenge for him.

Illegal immigration has plummeted ever since Trump came into office, so surely, he’s doing something right with this issue. It’s now been the lowest since 1917.

Having something other than border patrol at the border is an amazing idea, only because extra protection can do us well.

It will also push back people from Honduras who are going to Mexico to cross America’s weaker border.

The people from Honduras and Mexico see the weaknesses we have in our border and the loopholes that will be closed if National Guard is able to guard the border along with Border Patrol.

An example of a loophole illegal immigrants seem to take advantage of is having kids in America, so they can be legal. Trumps solution to this would be not to sign the new DACA deal, which would protect this right for anyone born in America with illegal parents.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with him not signing the new DACA deal, it seems to be the only way to stop illegal immigrants to taking advantage of our borders.

If anything, President Trump seems to be firing back at the problem instead of letting it happen like most of the liberals would do.

I would not be surprised if Trump ended up threatening to break NAFTA with Mexico simply to make them back off. It would actually be a great idea, because NAFTA is certainly a big “cash cow” to everyone involved.

Putting National Guard to the task of protecting the border from the air is the next best thing to building the wall, considering that he needs $25 billion to build and only got $1.6 billion from legislation.

It would also not be ideal to build a wall because of the length of time it would take. Trump would be out of office by the time its finished.

In all, Trump is basically pulling out the big guns and using his resources effectively to end a problem that’s been going on for so long. Arresting people from criminal enterprises that could possibly be crossing American borders would put a huge dent in their companies.

There aren’t many cons to these ideas logically. In order to stop someone from taking advantage of the system, you have to threaten them with something that they need.