Hallelujah! Holiday Break is Coming Soon!

Luke Cheponis, Contributing Writer

It’s getting closer to the start of a brand new year. This means that the CB South students are getting ready for a long winter break. This is also the time of the year when teachers are preparing students for end of the semester exams. As winter break approaches, some students slowly begin to slack off on their work, and they start to think  about their long break from school.
Liam Scarbrough, a senior at South, said, “Winter break is something that I am really looking forward to because I am going to stuff my face full of food, open presents on Christmas day, and possibly go hunting. I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family before I go into the Navy.” He added, “It’s good that there is a long break in the middle of the school year, and it’s important that students get a break to spend time with their family and friends.”
Mr. Detweiler, a teacher at South said, “Students will probably really enjoy their time off, and they will enjoy being away from school for a long period of time.”
Pat Heaney, another senior at South, said, “I am extremely happy about the long break. I think it is coming at a good time. Students are pumped and their work ethics are lacking, and I think it is good for students and teachers. I think that the holiday break is a pretty good length.”
Mr. Murray, the teacher in charge of CBTV, agreed. “I imagine that students enjoy the long break quite a bit, and they can recharge and have a fresh start to the New Year,” he said.
However, Robert Clift, another senior at South, disagreed and said, “I think that break is not long enough. It’s too short.”
Each one of them has different plans for the break. Mr. Detweiler is going to see his parent’s side of the family, and he is going to have free time to go hunting. Heaney and his friends are going to be attending a Pollyanna. Mr. Murray is going to see his wife’s family in North Carolina. Clift is going to a Christmas party at his choir director’s house the day after Christmas, where his choir director will be hosting a game night.
Different people had some interesting favorite memories from past winter breaks. Scarbrough’s best memory from a previous winter break was when he had a birthday party in Switzerland and his step father booked a night club (child-friendly night out).
Mr. Detweiler shot his first buck in 2009. Heaney said he and his family always have the best breakfasts during break. Mr. Murray remembers opening presents under the tree when he was a little kid. Clift and his brother played a game called “Disney Scene It?” at his choir director’s Christmas party, and he discovered that he has a vast knowledge for Disney trivia.
A couple of teachers and students also shared what they were most excited for about winter break. Heaney said he was looking forward to attending a Pollyanna with his friends and seeing his family. Clift said he was looking forward to seeing his family, sleeping in, and seeing his two sisters from college and work. Mr. Detweiler said he is looking forward to going hunting. Mr. Murray said he is looking forward to visiting his wife’s family in North Carolina.
People at CB South seem like they are really looking forward to winter break! They all have many fun plans with friends and family.