What Does It Mean to Be a Marching Titan?

Nicholas Kwiatkowski, Contributing Writer

Following a successful year and tumultuous events, the CB South Marching Titans move forward without missing a beat.

There may still be some misconceptions that surround the stereotype of “marching band kids,” but none of these take away from the school wide recognition of the dedication and athleticism it takes to partake in this activity.

The majority of any given marching band season is dedicated to perfecting a show routine in preparation for the US Bands National Competition. Last year, the Marching Titans came in third place with its show, “Over the Sands.”

This year, the band is attempting to emerge in a new and bold direction, titled “New Era.” Public opinion, especially among band members, is showing an ever-increasing preference and popularity in the new show theme over last year’s.

“’New Era’ is the bee’s knees while ‘Over the Sands’ was a soggy sock,” said former Marching Titan Stephanie Egitto. “The hard-hitting visuals and unparalleled chemistry on the field is unbelievable.”

“With harder music to perfect, comes a much tighter, sound show over last year’s,” said Marimba player Kaila Letourneau. “Without the unified feeling throughout the band, it would have been impossible to perfect the show as we have.”

“’New Era’ is awesome because it’s so different. There are so many changes that occurred this year. ‘New Era’ is the perfect show for the situation we are in right now, especially the song ‘You Will Never Walk Alone,’” said Drum Major Lauren Leatherland.

Until Nationals on November 15, anyone can see the Titans’ growth at every football game on Friday nights.

While on the field, the show is presented at full throttle. “By Nationals the kinks and visuals will be completely worked out,” said lead snare Martin Glover. “But until then, the band is fully committed to performing to the best of its ability.”

Looking back, “New Era” isn’t the only thing that is motivating the band. For the past three years, the band has been awarded with the title of “Best Percussion Section” at the US National Bands Competition.

Now with 74 band members, many of them being new additions as sophomores, new talent could make or break the streak. Losing a few members from the battery section originally proved to be disabling to the rhythm of the band as a whole, but Martin Glover said that the band has worked out its new obstacles by playing to its strengths.

To the crowd, the band displays a rigid, meticulous demonstration of power. To the band members individually, though, the time spent there is enlightening, emotional, and cathartic.

“It’s a really good escape for [myself] and a lot of the people there,” said Leatherland. “You have to be willing to put forth effort, everything you have in you, that’s where it comes out. When everyone does that in a big group, you get this insanely amazing product. It just feels so good to work so long and hard on something as a team and pull out an amazing final product.”

Leatherland said that hopefully the recent emotional weight from internal events is channeled towards effort and work ethic. At this time, performances at individual practices have proved to be just as strong, if not better.

The marching community has received overwhelmingly full support by the rest of South as the season moves forward. South students attending football games display signals of respect towards the Marching Titans.

Leaving the band proves to be similar to leaving a family for the Titans. Past members reflect upon their experience as something gracious and worthy.

“The time put into it was never wasted… we were all with people we loved, and that chemistry is what made us sound so great,” Egitto said. “Hearing all of the individual instruments come together into a full, clean, and beautiful sound is something that I’ll always miss.”

Those looking to get a glimpse at the inner workings of the extensive training that goes into a seasonal show in the CB South Marching Titans can visit CB South on every weeknight, besides Wednesdays and Fridays, from 6:30-9PM.